cryptocurrency mining

Crypto Mining Power rate

New Power Rate for Crypto Mining in New York

An update in the electricity rate for cryptocurrency mining has been approved by the New York…

Mining Monero

The Pirate Bay Resumes Mining Monero with Visitor’s CPU

The Pirate Bay (TPB) recently resumed its Monero (XMR) mining activity using the visitor’s CPU. The…

Crypto Mining Program in Game

Filipino Gamers Found Crypto Mining Program in Game

Filipino gamers have shared their discovery of cryptocurrency mining software, Coinhive attached to the multiplayer online…

Crypto Mining Deal News

CoinEx Upgrades Trans-Fee Mining Deal

A cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEX recently updated its trade-driven mining model. Native’s virtual token, CET is distributed…

Ethereum News

Sergey Brin mines Ethereum

The co-founder of Google and the president of Alphabet, Sergey Brin have disclosed that he is…

Solar Energy for Crypto Mining

Excess use of Solar Energy for Crypto Mining

A Japan-based energy provider company, Kumamoto Electric Power Company has announced their plan to use the…

Crypto News

One million computers hit to generate $2 million worth cryptos

The Chinese Police have charged nearly twenty hackers in connection with an illegal crypto mining case….

Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool News The World’s Largest Bitcoin Cash Mining Pool

According to the data collected from Coin.Dance, CoinGeek has successfully surpassed in terms of largest…

Crypto Mining Japan News

Crypto Mining Emerges in Japan

The number of cryptocurrency mining activity is currently growing in Japan’s countryside, Fukui as it offers…

Malware- Trap Mac Users

Malware Created to Trap Mac Users

A malware named “OSX.Dummy” was said to be aiming at the Mac users by infecting their…