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Cryptocurrency Mining News

Mining Firm In Canada Left Gold Mining For Crypto Mining

According to the report, a gold mining firm based in Canada, MX Gold has sold all its mining portfolio to several companies and decided to focus on their new cryptocurrency mining project. According to the report, the former gold mining firm has started their operations in January after purchasing hundreds unit of digital currency mining equipment November 2017.

Computer Hardware IPO News

Canaan Creative Aims On IPO, Prefers To List Outside Mainland

Computer hardware manufacturer with the specific integrated circuit based in Beijing shared his interest and considering an initial public offering (IPO) however reported would prefer to list outside China. They are no further details on the time frame for the IPO and the company’s expectation to raise from the co-chairman, Jianping Kong yet.

Crypto Mining News

Hyperblock enters into a deal to acquire Cryptoglobal

The crypto mining firm, Cryptoglobal is to be acquired by Hyperblock. The Hyperblock will receive the shares of the company at $0.74 each totaling $106 million. The CEO of Hyperblock stated that this would result in the formation of a ‘strong foundation.’ The resulting company on acquisition will have 21,000 mining rigs under its control.

Crypto Mining News

“Unauthorized” Crypto Miners Shuts Down In Washington State County

Washington State is among the highlighted place for bitcoin mining-related activities as it offers cheaper mining cost. However, three of “unauthorized” crypto miners site has been shut down and according to Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) the three miners, “using enough power to create fire risks for neighbors and damage grid equipment not sized for the load.”

Crypto Exchange Miners news

ASRock declares the sale of four cards to crypto miners

ASRock developed Phantom Gaming Series. An American official from the company declared that four of the graphics cards built on RX570 series are for crypto mining. The fifth such RX570 8G OC versions are the gaming version. The company looks forward to meeting the GPU demands by the crypto miners.

Bitcoin Ethereum Exchange Market News

Bitmain presents Ethash ASIC Miners

The Bitmain, mining hardware firm, has exposed its Ethereum mining technology, Ethash. The firm is to sell one unit of Antiminer E3 per user at the cost of $800 per unit which is unavailable to China, Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The firm would be accepting Bitcoin Cash and US dollars as payments. The website declared that the first batch has already been sold.

Crypto Mining News

Chrome Web Store Banned Crypto Mining Extension

Following to the action taken by the giant Internet Company, Google is banning any cryptocurrency-related ads in their search engines, now banning crypto mining extension in their chrome web store. According to a report, any extensions related to crypto mining will be removed from their web store in July.

Crypto Exchange Trade Mining

National Bank Of Kazakhstan To Prepare Crypto Trading And Mining Prohibition

According to the report, a preparation of legislation has been made by the central bank of Kazakhstan in prohibiting any cryptocurrency related activities including trading and mining in the country. Daniyar Akishev, the chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, reported that the prohibition plans due to the concern of possible risk and as an effort to protect the customer’s right.

How Could Mining Be Wasting More Energy Than Traditional Financial System

How Could Mining Be Wasting More Energy Than Traditional Financial System?

Cryptocurrency has faced so many criticisms towards the people whom against the technology lots of speculations going through. According to the report, cryptocurrency mining could be using more energy than the traditional financial system. However, the traditional financial system is consuming resources more than a mining farm that are running servers.

Bitcoin Mining Training Program in 30 Indian Cites

Bitcoin Mining Training Program in 30 Indian Cites

The Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DICCI) in association with Dr. Tausif Malik, a social entrepreneur, are set to present a training program in India. The training program on bitcoin mining would be unveiled in 30 cities across India which are reported to be the ‘World’s first and largest Bitcoin Mining Training Program for self-employment.’