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2,000 Computers hit by Crypto-jacking includes Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Group, the popular business conglomerates in India has been hit by ‘crypto-jacking.’ The hackers had fraudulently used the terminal and processing power to be used for mining cryptos. The reports claimed that more than 2,000 computer belonging to various group companies had been attacked. A spokesperson confirmed no loss of data.

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Police officials probe into a Crypto mining Case

The Delhi Police Cyber Cell probed into the 4,000 sq ft complex in Dehradun with regard to Ethereum mining operation. It was reported that ‘high-powered processors, graphics cards and servers’ were seized. Previously, Kamal Singh and Vijay Kumar were charged defrauding hundred crore money through a Ponzi scheme involving bitcoins.

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Crypto Boutique in St. Petersburg

CryptoUniverse has established a “Crypto Boutique” in the PiterLend shopping center at the St. Petersburg. The CryptoUniverse has been engaged in the sale of Bitmain’s mining hardware for Bitcoin and Litecoin. It also revealed the plans to incorporate trading options. The users will receive assistance so as to choose apt hardware devices in the Boutique.

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Chip Industry Evolves with the Growing Crypto Mining Demand

Not only the chip stocks are getting a continuous demand from the data center, the demand for cryptocurrency mining has also increased. Although the bitcoin price has been turmoil, the cryptocurrency mining industry continues to grow worldwide indicating ample return to cover the mining costs.

Confiscated Mining Machines in China may relate to Iceland Case

Confiscated Mining Machines in China may relate to Iceland Case

The Icelandic police have directed the officials in China to inquire into the case of 600 bitcoin mining machines that were confiscated in Tianjin, tracing huge electricity consumption. It is reported that the machines relate to three cases that occurred in Iceland. However, the Chinese authorities have not responded to the Icelandic officials.

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Bank Sues by Local Bitcoin Mining Company

According to the report, the bitcoin mining company in Israel, Israminers Ltd. sued a bank for closing the bank account of the company. Union Bank announced that they would no longer deal with any mining firm in the country. The company confirmed that the court accepted the case and a temporary order against the bank has been granted.

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College student shares mining experiences

Alex Gilarde, a senior at the Fairleigh Dickison University, shared his bitcoin mining experiences with the CNBC. He along with his friends was mining cryptos when bitcoin was priced at $5 and below during 2012. He processes three mining rigs in his door room using free electricity and another at his parent’s house. His crypto wealth has multiplied several times by now.

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Crypto Mining Unit Seized in Dehradun

Cryptocurrency mining unit has been seized by The Delhi Police Cyber Cell for mining Ethereum and distributing them on sale. According to the report, two individuals named Kamal Singh and Vijay Kumar have been arrested in connection with INR 100 Crore crypto fraud. A giant crypto mining rig with 500 graphics card and servers were found through the investigations in Dehradun.

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ATB Financial connects with BIG to study Crypto Mining

The Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) is associating with the ATB Financial to study the risks and compliance on crypto mining client activity. The ATB Financial would use the tools of BIG for studying and monitoring the crypto mining activities, estimating risks and legal compliances. The BIG professionals would also be conducting their on-site coaching and orientation.

Intel proposes Crypto Mining Chip

Intel proposes Crypto Mining Chip

Intel follows various technology companies in establishing its space in crypto mining. Intel Corp. has applied for patenting a System on a Chip (SOC). The said system would possess hardware to support bitcoin mining with minimal use of electric power. It is reported that the system would have multiple elements such as processor farm, logic device, and the integrated circuit.