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FCC warns Victor Rosario over T-Mobile’s Compliant

FCC warns Victor Rosario over T-Mobile’s Compliant

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had issued “Notification of Harmful Interference” to Victor Rosario, a resident in New York. The T-Mobile had filed a complaint stating that his bitcoin mining hardware was interfering with the T-Mobile network. The continuous functioning of the device would harm the interference and result in the violation of federal laws.

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Crypto Miners Approaches Electric Utility

The Hydro-Quebec would be increasing the rate of crypto businesses. Many crypto mining companies had approached the public electric utility. The electric generation company offered services to attract big technology companies which also helped in acquiring crypto mining companies as clients.

Crypto Mining Consume More Energy Than Household In Iceland

Crypto Mining believed to consume more energy compared to energy consumed per household in Iceland. Hardware used for Crypto Mining requires large amount energy to perform.

Monex Group establishes Crypto Lab

Monex Group establishes Crypto Lab

The Monex Group had launched the Monex Cryptocurrency Laboratory. It will be led by Nana Otsuki, the Chief Analyst at Monex Inc. It is aimed at providing rationalized access to cryptos.

Samsung’s ASIC hardware in Crypto Mining

Samsung’s ASIC hardware in Crypto Mining

The South Korean multinational conglomerate company, Samsung had started manufacturing of ASIC hardware. It is developed to gear cryptocurrency mining.

Alibaba establishes crypto mining platform

Alibaba establishes a cryptocurrency mining platform

The e-commerce business based in China, Alibaba, had established its cryptocurrency mining platform. The new platform established is named as ‘P2P Nodes’ which was registered in Nanjing on 10th of October. The founder of the company, Jack Ma said, “We have spent a lot of efforts on blockchain technology and development.”


Ukraine crypto regulation: Senior officials team-up

The senior officials are teaming-up as a new working group which will work on cryptocurrency regulation. The Chief of National Security and Defense Council coined that lack of regulation will constitute a threat to the economy and society. The legislation that was previously proposed contained provisions on taxation, mining and cryptocurrencies which had not been approved as an ordinance.

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Maduro announces over Petro’s launch

Just after the oil-backed cryptocurrency was declared ‘illegal’, Nicolas Maduro announced about Petro’s pre-mine plan. The cryptocurrency is likely to be launched in six weeks. The Superintendent of Cryptocurrencies and Related Activities stated that ‘petro will not be minable but pre-mined which will happen under the control of the country’.



Calvin to unveil cryptocurrency mining operations

Calvin Ayre, an online gambling entrepreneur and billionaire unveiled cryptocurrency mining operations as his next business venture. The venture will be christened as ‘’. It will join eight other mining pools namely Viabtc,, Hashbx, Bitclub and such others.