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Crypto Mining Company

SEC probes deeper into Blockchain Riot

The U.S. SEC digs deeper into the affairs of the crypto mining company, Blockchain Riot. The company is operating a crypto mining facility in Oklahoma City. The partner at a law firm Gibson Dunn mentioned, “This SEC subpoena and the order do not appear to be the type of regularly issued subpoena in the normal course of the SEC’s oversight of registrants.

Crypto Mining Malware

Survey Reveals 30% UK Firms Hit by Crypto Mining Malware

A research published by Citrix that cited almost a third of U.K businesses had been hit by the cryptocurrency mining malware on their system in a month. It has been found in 60 percent of the companies which participated in the survey had found mining malware on their system and hosted illicit mining code in the past.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Mineral Mining Company Switches to Cryptocurrency mining

A company based in Canada, Squire Mining that mainly focused on minerals mining has announced that its firm will switch to cryptocurrency mining. The spokesperson of Squire Mining explained in a statement that the company is currently engaged in the business which will support the global blockchain applications in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Crypto Mining Rigs

Vietnam Officially prohibits Import of Crypto Mining Rigs

The import of crypto mining equipment has been banned by Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance and cleared more than 7,000 bitcoin and Litecoin miners. A local press, Vietnam News have reported, “According to information from the Customs Department of Ho Chi Minh City, from early July 2018 to now, organizations and individuals have stopped importing mining rigs.”

Crypto Mining

Students Mining Crypto with Free internet in Dorm Rooms

Cryptocurrency mining could be an interesting business especially if the miner is doing it with free access to internet and electricity. A student, Patric Cines began cryptocurrency mining in his campus by combining several graphics cards. This indicates that the cryptocurrency mining activities among the students in their dorms are raising in violation of education institution policies.

Crypto Mining Summit

Cryptocurrency Mining Summit in Georgia in September

An event to encourage the cryptocurrency mining industry will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, in September called 2018 World Digital Mining Summit. Numerous high-profile speakers are invited to the cryptocurrency mining summit to educate the startups, developers, and enthusiasts in entering the industry such as Jihan Wu, BITMAIN CEO such as Roger Ver, CEO.

Bitcoin Mining

Solar-powered Bitcoin Mining Farm Coming Soon in Australia

D Coin and the DC Two have confirmed their collaboration to establish the solar-powered bitcoin mining farm in the country. The new facility that is currently built will be “the first behind the grid data center in Australia powered primarily from renewable energy sources” and located at the 200 kilometers south of Perth.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Russian Court slams fine for crypto mining ad

The Eleventh Arbitration Court of Appeal has found that the Edinstvo Nizhnekamsk has violated the advertisement regulations. It carried an advertisement stating “Investment in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash. Assembly and setup of mining farms.” The Russian court has ordered the local newspaper to pay 50,000 rubles ($760) as fine.

Crypto Mining

Bitmain introduces Wi-Fi routers to mine crypto

Bitmain, the largest mining company, has revealed a new product which allows the users to mine cryptocurrency with their Wi-Fi routers while they’re connecting to the internet. The announcement about the new product called Antrouter R3-DASH and Antrouter R3-SIA has been made in Bitmain’s social media and developed to mine dash (DASH) and Siacoin (SC).

200,000 Unprotected Routers used to mine Cryptos

200,000 Unprotected Routers used to mine Cryptos

The security experts and researchers unveiled that some hackers are attacking unprotected routers for cryptocurrency-mining malware purposes. TrustWave researcher, Simon Kenin then explained regarding the issue, “The attacker wisely thought that instead of infecting small sites with few visitors, or finding sophisticated ways to run malware on end-user computers, they would go straight to the source; carrier-grade router devices.”