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Korean Officials Inspects Upbit Crypto Exchange

The office of Upbit cryptocurrency exchange was raided by the South Korean authorities. The authorities have been probing several crypto outlets aimed at the prevention of money laundering and finance terrorism. The spokeswomen associated with the exchange could not comment over the inspection. However, the exchange recorded $1.6 billion crypto trade in the past 24 hours.

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Deltix presents CryptoCortex, a cryptocurrency platform

Deltix trading solutions have unveiled a new platform empowering crypto trading facilities for the institutional investors. The platform is named as CryptoCortex and targets brokers, exchanges and institutional buy-side firms. The CEO and founder of the company, Ilya Gorelik stated their experience “perfectly positions to bring CryptoCortex to the institutional crypto trading market.”

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Russia inquires on Confessions of Bitcoin Fraudster

The Russian officials are inquiring into the confessions made by Alexander Vinnik accused and held in jail on a money laundering case. The accused confessed his crimes with the officials. He had been jailed for laundering $4 to $9 billion on bitcoin trading platform. A source affirmed, “The Russian Interior Ministry’s investigative department has opened a criminal probe.”

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Robinhood extends commission-free trade in Michigan

The crypto trade services of Robinhood application has been extended to the residents of California, Montana, Missouri, and Massachusetts with the official launch in the state of Michigan. The application offers commission-free trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The users would be able to track prices of fourteen other cryptos which include Ripple, and Monero.

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Bitfinex gets a CCO

Bitfinex, the trading platform, has appointed Peter Warrack as the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). Warrack has been associated with the Bank of Montreal as the Director of AML and Compliance Officer. It is reported that Warrack has over thirty years of experience in finding and preventing financial frauds. Bitfinex has also declared its association with Irisium.

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Hapoalim accepts Funds from Bitcoin sale

Tel Aviv District Court commanded the Bank Hapoalim to accept the transfer of funds from the sale of bitcoin. The bank denied the incoming transfer of $195,000 to client’s joint account. It claimed that the sale was connected to money laundering and finance terrorism. It was ordered to process the transfer with the client signing an IRS W8 form.

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ICE to establish a crypto platform

Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, has been working on an online platform to trade cryptocurrency. The company initially moved into the crypto space through a cryptocurrency data feed which went live in March. The proposed system is aimed at allowing the investors to “buy and hold bitcoin.”

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Robinhood Expands Its Crypto Business to the New U.S States

One of the most popular cryptocurrency trading apps that offer commission-free services for Bitcoin and Ethereum trading, Robinhood has announced their plans to expand their business to Wisconsin and New Mexico. The announcement has been made in the Official Twitter account. Most of its users also expect the addition of more coins on the platform.

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Oanda to extend Crypto Trade Services

Oanda, the online foreign exchange broker, would be extending crypto trading services through a product called contracts-for-difference (CFD) in Singapore. The company has been analyzing if it should go about with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through CFDs. The company also revealed that the launch of crypto trade service would not extend to China.

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UBS Chairman prohibits the bank from rendering Crypto Services

The Chairman of the UBS, Axel Weber announced that the bank will not extend bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading services. He elaborated that the digital currencies are ‘highly speculative’ and would give rise to finance terrorism and money-laundering activities. The basic characteristics of cryptos and money were also compared.