cryptoexchange To Spearhead Blockchain For All To Spearhead Blockchain For All (a crypto trading platform headquartered in Singapore) which has successfully completed a year has hosted an appreciation dinner themed “All for Partners” for its ecosystem of partners, investors and community supporters. Its founder Winter has said, “Right this very moment, the cryptocurrency industry is at a turning point and entering into the mainstream consensus. The exchange is the infrastructure and financial center of the entire industry,”

Integrated Trading and Custody Platform Catapulted By Smart Valor

Smart Valor, a cryptocurrency exchange located in Switzerland has launched first integrated trading and custodial platform in the country. Its CEO Olga Feldmeier proudly said, “After 18 months of development, we are excited to go live with a core element of the SMART VALOR Platform — the exchange. This brings us a huge step forward to our vision of becoming the world’s first security token exchange for alternative investments.”

Blockchain Has propelled Its First Crypto Exchange

Blockchain (a blockchain service provider & Bitcoin wallet) has announced that it has launched its first crypto exchange platform. It is called the PIT which can connect to non-custodial Blockchain wallets for nearly instant transfers. Registration opens today, with the ability to trade up to 26 assets rolling out over the next two weeks. It head for retail product Nicole Sherrod said, “They want to co-locate with you, they want to directly connect to your matching engine. It’s the way it’s done on Wall Street.”

BTC-e exchange Faces Charge In California

The Northern District of California has formally filled charges against BTC-e exchange and its CEO, Alexander Vinnik for operating an unlicensed money service as well as conspiracy to commit money-laundering. The prosecutor expounded, “On some occasions, customers contacted BTCe’s administration directly with questions regarding how to process and access proceeds obtained from the sale of illegal drugs and from transactions on known “darknet” illegal markets, including Silk Road

Co-owner of Bitmarker Found Dead With Bullet Wound

The co-owner of a cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland, Bitmarket that has suffered from hack, named Tobiasz Niemiro was found dead with a bullet wound to the head in a forest near his home. A Polish businessman, Adam Socha explained, “The email was long. It seemed like he had found himself in an environment of shady businessmen. He gave names. I will not disclose its content because of the investigation.”

Former Owner of Russian Crypto Exchange Ends Up in Italian Jail

Dmitri Vasilev, former owner of Russia based cryptocurrency exchange WEX has been arrested in Italy. The exchange faced problem when its anonymous admin went into hiding with private key when Vasilev decided to sell decided to sell WEX to Dmitri Khavchenko (of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic). This caused the onus falling back on Vasilev and Russsian police have initiated investigation against him and he was recently arrested at Italy.

Japan’s FSA Considering To Approve More than 100 New Exchanges

Japan which is at present holds second largest crypto traders in the globe aims to become a crypto hub. It seeks to achieve this by its Financial Services Agency (FSA) which is working to approve up to 110 new trading platforms. While there is no definite date or confirmation that all of these exchanges will successfully register with the FSA, the fact that the regulator is finally reopening the registration process points to a thawing attitude.

Coinbase Comes Up With Aggregated Trade Data

The Coinbase (a cryptocurrency exchange based in USA) has announced that it has released aggregated data in the form of three trading signals to its customers. The 3 trading signals that are being offered are top holder activity, typical hold time and popularity, and price correlation. The purported aim of each of these offerings is to allow investors to create more informed trading strategies, by means of insights that go beyond raw price metrics

Bitpoint Reveals Amounts Lost To The Hack

A crypto exchange located in Japan Bitpoint which has suffered from recently from hacker attack has revealed that it has lost crypto assets of value around 3 billion yen ($27.8 million). It has also provided break down details, 2.6 billion yen belonged to customers and 960 million yen were company assets. It has also come up with a robust plan to compensate customers in cryptocurrencies rather than in their equivalent fiat value.

XTRD & CEX.IO Have Integrated

A cryptocurrency exchange, CEX.IO and XTRD, a trading product providing platform has announced that they have entered into a partnership and integrate existing & future XTRD trading product. The CEO of CEX.IO Oleksandr Lutskevych said, “Our partnership with XTRD becomes the foundation for the whole line of services that speaks to the needs of our institutional clients…”