IOTA Catapults Industry Marketplace

IOTA Catapults Industry Marketplace

The IOTA Foundation (a non-profit decentralized tech organization) has launched the world’s first automated decentralized marketplace called ‘Industry Marketplace’ for the trading of physical and digital commodities and services. IOTA’s partnership director, Holger Köther expressed, “The Industry Marketplace paves the way for secure automated trade in the manufacturing sector. We are now looking forward to expanding the circle of participants, demonstrate the Marketplace under near-production conditions and continue its development.”

Decentralised Social Media To Rewards Users

A social media application, Appics which rewards users for their time and creativity to launch an app to build upon communities by bringing large number of influencers and celebrities to its platform. Appics has also shared the aim of their product is to bring cryptocurrency to the masses and help the social media fans to be familiar with the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as they’re powered by EOS and Steem blockchain.

ZOS Blockchain Supports Decentralized Global Lending Platform Launched

The first decentralized global lending platform has been successfully launched in Singapore which runs on ZOS Blockchain The founder of Singapore Digital One Asset Foundation commented, “We are very proud to work with ZOS, a New Public Chain for Decentralized Finance to support iBOFi to launch its first Canadian Crypto lending market and congratulate ZOS for launching on MXC Labs on July 31, 2019.”

Co-founder of Wikipedia Visions Decentralized Knowledge With Blockchain

The co-founder of Wiki & an epistemologist, Larry Sanger has shared his views on the internet, blockchain and knowledge. Sanger has explained regarding Everipedia, an encyclopedia powered by blockchain technology, “We’re still figuring out a lot about blockchain. Yes, there are DApps that will work pretty well, but I think, ultimately, the mature blockchain technology of the future is still quite a ways off.”

Gab Gets $10 Mn to Decentralize

Gab (a social media platform) has raised $10 million in a Series A crowdfunding round with aim to adapt into a decentralized platform and integrate bitcoin (BTC) and Lightning Network payments. The social media stated, “Our plans are to integrate Bitcoin and Bitcoin’s Lightning Network tooling into our line of free speech products to empower our users to facilitate commerce, tip one another, and be more free from corporate censorship and control.”

Nebulas Firm On implementation of Community Governance

A lion’s share members of Nebulas Foundation council members and Nebulas Research Institute in a joint statement have firmly insisted on the implementation of the Nebulas community governance following the principals of community’s governance orange paper and thus to practice Nebulas, & acknowledged that they can’t achieve decentralization in centralized management system.

Volentix Brings Outs Decentralized Trading and Analytical Engine

The Volentix (a new digital assets ecosystem) has brought out its state of the art flagship product VDEX, or Valentin Decentralized Exchange, its flagship product. The project describes VDEX as a next generation, extensible and customizable decentralized crypto exchange, with an emphasis on ensuring that the assets and data of every user remain individual and secure. In this platform the user remains in full control of their funds until transactions are completed.

DASH launches a new Investment Foundation

Dash Ventures, known as Dash Investment Foundation, will soon be fully operational. The Dash Core Group is due to launch a new decentralized investment scheme. Decentralized voting system is used to allocate investments of Dash Investment Foundations. It will be the first cryptocurrency network with a proposal system capable of investing in its own ecosystem.

Ammut Network Accepted in NVIDIA’S Elite Inception Program

A problem-solving platform, Ammut Network have shared their vision on developing the biggest decentralized supercomputer on the blockchain. Ammut Network has been recently accepted as a member of NVIDIA’S elite Inception Program where the Hardware Architect of the company, Brian Ferguson explained, “We believe wholeheartedly in our project and its potential, yet to get this vote of confidence from NVIDIA reinforces the strength of our concept.”

Security Measures for Messaging and Browsing Implemented By Status

A decentralized platform, Status which provides a messenger, crypto wallet, and a browser has claimed to implemented new security features. In its Tweet: “To enjoy decentralized communication, we must be confident that our messages, transactions, identities, and funds are safe. Learn more about some of the implementations, processes, and personnel in place to ensure security.”