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Taiwan- Digital Token

Taiwan Startup launches Fiat-Pegged Digital Token

A Taiwan-headquartered company, Green World Fintech Services has launched its fiat-pegged digital token, New Taiwan Dollar (NTD). The company has also patented a unique process for NTD as an effort to protect the digital token invented for the prevention of money laundering purposes and any illegal activities. The token is to be less volatile compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto News in Australia

Crypto Loyalty Program Launch in Australia

A cryptocurrency loyalty program has been launched in Australia by the Incent Loyalty. The Sydney-headquartered company will be rewarding the members with INCNT digital coin for their online purchases. The members of the loyalty program would be able to claim rewards from over 300 stores. The members would also be rewarded for other activities.

California Software Company approves Launch of ICO and Crypto tokens by Infinia

California Software Company approves Launch of ICO and Crypto tokens by Infinia

The California Software Company passed board resolution in respect of the joint venture proposal made by the Infinia Solutions and Services to offer ICO, ‘i-cryptocurrency’ and ‘i-Digital Tokens and Coins.’ It is said that the Infinia Company has 120 million end-customers. The California Software Company will financially aid Infinia for the launch of tokens in blockchain platform.

Bills to add Crypto in Money Transmission Law

Bills to add Crypto in Money Transmission Law

Two bills had been put forth before the Hawaiian Senate to include clauses on virtual currencies under the Money Transmitters Act. The transmission of virtual currencies would require license once the legislation is passed.


Paycent Platform eases Currency Conversion

The mobile payment platform, Paycent enables the users to convert digital currencies to fiat currencies and vice versa on their platform. It was aimed to drive away the inconvenience in currency conversion. Texcent, Singapore based company started the platform that enabled users to make cashless payments through blockchain technology.  


Withdraws digital currency launch: BoE

The Bank of England dropped its plan to launch its own virtual currency. The central bank stated that there are “no current plans” for the launch of digital currency.  However, the study about the same will be carried out. The bank also restated that cryptocurrencies doesn’t affect the global financial stability.

High demand for Blockchain developers in Switzerland

Switzerland, being one among developing country considering digital currency and Blockchain development observe high demand for Blockchain developers. The Business Insider reported that the developers demand nearly $180,000 per year. The companies offering ICO tend to attract the developers paying high end salaries to them.


UK to compete with new cryptocurrency

The Bank of England is set to issue its own digital coin in the United Kingdom. They had established a team to investigate observe and report about the possibility of dispensing a new prototype cryptocurrency that would compete with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins well-known in the crypto industry. The report is set to be published in twelve months’ time.