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Digital Currency Company

Crypto storage company gets insurance coverage

Kingdom Trust, a digital currency storing company, received insurance coverage via Lloyd’s of London in order…

Kik Introduces Kinit App in iOS

Kik Introduces Kinit App in iOS

An app which enables its users to earn and spend their Kin digital currency has been…

Digital Currency

Video application integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Contentos tokens

Cheez, a mobile video application, has come up with a digital currency bonus mechanism in association…

Report on Digital Currency by the Bank of Spain

Report on Digital Currency by the Bank of Spain

A document published by the Bank of Spain emphasized that the cryptocurrencies could bring benefits to…

CoinJar- Digital Currency

CoinJar’s digital currency fund

CoinJar exchange affirmed the launch of CoinJar Digital Currency Fund for the wholesale investors. It is…

Digital Currency

‘Digital Currencies Could be used as Money’

The European Platform Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs commented that the digital currencies could be…

Digital Currency

South Africa’s Community Trying digital currency

A small town located in South Africa, Orania is experimenting with the digital currency called E-Ora….

Barclays proposes two patents

Barclays proposes two patents

The Barclays has filed two patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The…

Bitcoin Trade News

Chinese Yuan and Bitcoin trade level analyzed by PBoC

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) revealed that the ‘Chinese yuan accounts for less than one…

Romania Crypto Regulation News

Romania has draft regulations for issuing electronic money

The Romanian Finance Ministry has unveiled a draft Emergency Ordinance regulating the issuance of ‘e-money’ (electronic…