digital wallet Collaborates with Western Union Collaborates with Western Union

Western Union has collaborated with to allow users to receive international & domestic money transfers directly into the digital wallet of The co-founder of, Ron Hose said, “With this collaboration, we are proud to serve their families back home with even easier access to our suite of services and maximize positive impact on communities in the country.”

myCryptoWallet’s Freeze on Withdrawals

myCryptoWallet’s Freeze on Withdrawals

The National Australian Bank (NAB) has recently closed the bank account of the local cryptoexchange, myCryptoWallet. It has also confirmed the news, that they have also frozen all withdrawals in their platform due to the bank account closure. NAB was reportedly closing the bank account without warning and provided with no notification and reason why the account had been closed.

Coin Ninja Launches DropBit

Coin Ninja Launches DropBit

Coin Ninja has announced its new mobile wallet: DropBit, which allows its users to send and accept Bitcoin through text messages. The CEO of Coin Ninja, Larry Harmon explained, “We know how important it is that our wallet makes it easier to transact Bitcoin to new users while maintaining all key protocols for advanced Bitcoin users namely custodial ownership and anonymity”.

Launch of KrisPay

The launch of KrisPay by Singapore Airlines

The Singapore Airlines has unveiled KrisPay, a digital wallet platform. It enables the members to convert their air miles to digital currencies. The individuals who belong to the Singapore Airlines network would be able to transact through the blockchain wallet. The proof-of-concept of the wallet was developed in association with KPMG and Microsoft company.

eFatoora- Digital Wallet News

eFatoora announces blockchain-based digital wallet

eFatoora has presented e-Mal, a digital wallet based on the blockchain. The e-Mal platform is to enable the storage of fiat and virtual currencies. The platform would be supporting EML token. The platform has undergone respective mandatory tests for approval. It is reported that the retailers can access e-Mal Information Centre for loyalty and subscription programs.

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet News

VeChain unveils its mobile wallet

The VeChain (VEN, VET) has unveiled its mobile wallet. It has also deployed new network along with the wallet release. The company revealed in a blog post, “This wallet will be chock full of features, services, and opportunities that the word wallet may even be limiting.” The new VeChain wallet would also accomplish X Node binding.

Blockchain Technology Wallet News

ET Hybrid Blockchain And Digital Wallet Launch By Energy Eco Chain

As per the report, an announcement has been made by Energy Eco Chain (EEC) regarding the official launch of their ET hybrid blockchain and digital wallet in Jakarta, Indonesia. The newly-launched ET hybrid chain is said to be providing the users with a more flexible, and customized smart contract for assets digitization, financial management, and distributed assets trading.

$1.8 Million worth Ether stolen

Louis Meza was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping charges, by the New York County District Attorney, suspected to have been involved in the theft of ether from the Ethereum network worth $1.8 million. Cyrus Vance, the District Attorney said that “the defendant transferred the ether to his personal account” by using the stolen digital wallet. He also added that such type of crime would increase in future due to upward trend in cryptocurrency market.