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MacOS Desktop App Of Trust Wallet Released

MacOS Desktop App Of Trust Wallet Released

A Trust Wallet of Binance has been released in a version of a desktop application for macOS. The Trust Wallet is an open-source and decentralized wallet which supports Ether (ETH) and various Ether-based tokens (ERC20, ERC223, and ERC721) based in the U.S. In his Tweet, Viktor Radchenko founder of Trust Wallet has also revealed that support for Linux will be launched by next week.

Trinity wallet For IOTA Tokens

As a software wallet compatible with Ledger hardware wallets, Trinity has been launched by the IOTA Foundation. The wallet has Keepass-compliant security and encryption, biometric authentication, and availability in 25 languages and on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. They also pitch it has an improvement on both ease-of-use and security for users conducting transactions in IOTA.

Vulnerability in Paper Wallet Service Discovered By Security Researcher

Online cryptocurrency paper wallet creator previously ran on code that caused private key/public key pairs to be issued to multiple users. After researching the live code, Denley concluded that the keys were deterministically generated on the live version of the website, not randomly. Cryptocurrency paper wallet creator ran on code that caused the same key pairs to be issued multiple times, until recently.

Solar wallet App launched By SatoshiPay

SatoshiPay and Stellar Network earlier this year launched ‘Solar wallet’, a stellar network-based and user-friendly desktop wallet, now SatoshiPay has expanded the wallet service to mobiles through bringing out application on Apple and Google Play app stores. SatoshiPAy tweeted: “Hello Folks the much anticipated mobile versions of our Solar Wallet are now available in the app stores. Download the app now and expect many cool features in the coming weeks.”

Smart Wallet Dapper Ejected From CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties, a Ethereum-based virtual game from Dapper Labs has announced that it has launched Dapper smart wallet which supports ERC-721 tokens and a list of ERC-20 tokens. The company boast that this will solve the major issue from the user that they have to use to complicated tools play the game and Dapper is the solution to that problem and the first step towards making accessing the blockchain as safe and predictable as surfing the internet.

CoolWallet S Integrated with Binance DEX

A blockchain security company based in Taiwan, CoolBitX have shared that they have integrated with Binance DEX, a blockchain developed by Binance. The CEO of CoolBitX, Michael Qu explained, “Binance is the world’s leading digital asset exchange, and we are excited to see their role in the development of Binance DEX. This integration is highly significant for CoolWallet S holders as they will be able to seamlessly and securely transfer crypto on and off the exchange.” Collaborates with Western Union

Western Union has collaborated with to allow users to receive international & domestic money transfers directly into the digital wallet of The co-founder of, Ron Hose said, “With this collaboration, we are proud to serve their families back home with even easier access to our suite of services and maximize positive impact on communities in the country.”

myCryptoWallet’s Freeze on Withdrawals

myCryptoWallet’s Freeze on Withdrawals

The National Australian Bank (NAB) has recently closed the bank account of the local cryptoexchange, myCryptoWallet. It has also confirmed the news, that they have also frozen all withdrawals in their platform due to the bank account closure. NAB was reportedly closing the bank account without warning and provided with no notification and reason why the account had been closed.

Coin Ninja Launches DropBit

Coin Ninja Launches DropBit

Coin Ninja has announced its new mobile wallet: DropBit, which allows its users to send and accept Bitcoin through text messages. The CEO of Coin Ninja, Larry Harmon explained, “We know how important it is that our wallet makes it easier to transact Bitcoin to new users while maintaining all key protocols for advanced Bitcoin users namely custodial ownership and anonymity”.

Launch of KrisPay

The launch of KrisPay by Singapore Airlines

The Singapore Airlines has unveiled KrisPay, a digital wallet platform. It enables the members to convert their air miles to digital currencies. The individuals who belong to the Singapore Airlines network would be able to transact through the blockchain wallet. The proof-of-concept of the wallet was developed in association with KPMG and Microsoft company.