distributed ledger technology

Accenture releases a DLT application for Software Licenses

Accenture releases a DLT application for Software Licenses

Accenture exposed the development of an application for software licenses. The new application adopts the DAML smart contract language developed by Digital Asset. The chief business development officer at Digital Asset stated, “This new software asset management application shows that DAML and DLT can deliver significant operational efficiencies to use cases beyond financial services.”

ASX postpones the launch of the DLT-based Core system

ASX postpones the launch of the DLT-based Core system

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has rescheduled the launch of its distributed ledger technology-based core system. Reportedly, the “target go-live window” would be released between March-April 2021. The company stated, “With these revisions, ASX is confident that a successful market-wide implementation of the CHESS replacement system will now be achieved.”

Bit2C Announces Expansion Plan to Europe

Bit2C Announces Expansion Plan to Europe

An announcement has been made by the cryptocurrency exchange based in Israel, Bit2C regarding its expansion plan to Europe. The aim is to increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market in Europe. The firm has also unveiled that they have purchased a company in Gibraltar and is working on receiving a license for distributed ledger technology.

Patent proposing multiple digital signatures on a distributed system

Patent proposing multiple digital signatures on a distributed system

The Bank of America proposed a patent for adapting multiple digital signatures in a distributed network. It aims at the management of data communication from Internet-connected devices. The document stated, “The invention provides automated determination of which devices are communicating to which third-party entities and, in some embodiments, the type of data being communicated to such third-party entities.”

Blockchain Technology in UPS

UPS files patent to store data on the blockchain

UPS has submitted a patent application with the USPTO, titled ‘Autonomous services selection system and distributed transportation databases’ reveal the interest of the company to integrate blockchain for storing transportation and shipment details in a DLT network. However, the UPS proposes more than one distributed ledger to track various shipment orders.

Finney built on Ethereum Blockchain

Finney to be built on Ethereum Blockchain

Sirin Labs planned to integrate Ethereum blockchain to its phone called ‘Finney.’ The company has chosen Ethereum blockchain over the IOTA’s distributed ledger technology as disclosed in the whitepaper. The chief marketing officer stated, “At launch, we are going to use the Ethereum blockchain. The Finney Phone will work through complete nodes that are hosted on Sirin Labs.”

Blockchain Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs Recommend Blockchain for Food and Drug Safety Problem

A local Blockchain entrepreneur in China, Li Xioalai believes with the implementation of the blockchain, the drug scandal such as the rabies vaccine for babies taking place in the country could be solved. The distributed ledger technology could restore the public trust with the health care institutions and the pharmaceutical industry due to its transparency.

Blockchain Technology news

Bank of England’s payment system will support blockchain

The Bank of England (BoE) has revamped the payment system that would support blockchain technology. The governor mentioned to re-structure the RTGS system. Recently, the bank revealed the results of its proof-of-concept conducted with Baton Systems, Clearmatics, R3, and Token. The bank stressed that the functionality of the new RTGS supporting blockchain and DLT.

Philippines- Blockchain Payment News

Philippines Bank eye on Blockchain for payment services

The financial institutions in the Philippines are eyeing on blockchain for enhancing money transfer services. The governor of the country’s central bank, Nestor Espenilla Jr emphasized on the integration of distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain for wire transfers and traditional banking services at the annual convention of the Philippine Correspondent Bank Officers.

Blockchain Program in Fujitsu

Fujitsu announces 5-Day Blockchain Productization Program

Fujitsu has recently announced to offer a five-day blockchain productization program that will be held in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa. The five-day program would be encouraging   companies to build their ‘a minimum viable blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) product.’ The Blockchain Innovation Center head mentioned, “Blockchain and DLT hold the potential to transform organizations and entire industries.”