Sweden will have e-krona crypto soon

Sweden will have e-krona crypto soon

The Riksbank is reviewing the idea of the launch of the cryptocurrency called e-krona. The bank has recently planned to come up with the currency’s design so that it can be tested. Project to unveil the value-based e-krona would probably get stored in card format or mobile application or both. The users would also be able to track the transactions.

e-Krona in Sweden

Sweden to have its first national crypto

The Riksbank, the central bank in Sweden is approaching to launch a national cryptocurrency under the name ‘e-Krona’. The HSBC economist, James Pomeroy exposed a research note that emphasized, “The so-called e-Krona will have to be able to be used for small purchases, as a claim on the Riksbank and be accessible by companies, individuals and financial institutions at all times.”