Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) Releases New Specifications

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) Releases New Specifications

A new set of specifications has been released by the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) for the developers who use private versions of Ethereum blockchain. The executive director of EEA explained, “Using the EEA Specification, Ethereum developers can write code that enables interoperability, thus motivating enterprise customers to select EEA specification-based solutions over proprietary offerings.”

Blockchain Initiative

Wanchain joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Wanchain has formed part the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an open source blockchain initiative. The Vice President of Wanchain, Oliver Birch expressed about the association and stated, “The Alliance allows us the ability to work with industry leaders to address specific use cases. We look forward to helping the community by connecting the world’s digital assets.”