Ethereum Blockchain News

Coinbase Launches eSport Game on Ethereum Blockchain

The Fuel Games has launched its pre-sale on the Ethereum-blockchain, a Sydney-headquartered company backed by Coinbase….

Ethereum Platform

Augur announces the mainnet launch

Augur (REP), founded by Joey Krug in 2014, is to unveil new smart contracts on the…

Crypto Exchange News

Buglab on announces the token sale

The Buglab is an ethereum powered platform aimed at enhancing information security and securing crypto exchanges…

Blockchain Market News

Blockchain-powered Decentralized System Tron is Live

A $3 billion worth of decentralizing blockchain-powered project, TRON has gone live however the full independence…

Blockchain Technology Market

Origin Investment possible through CoinList

An Ethereum blockchain-based and IPS for developing a protocol, Origin now offered in CoinList. CoinList technology…

Blockchain Technology Market

Blockchain to identify bogus news

Adblock Plus developer eyeo GmbH is to be adopting blockchain technology in its browser extension Trusted…

Blockchain Ethereum Market News

Blockchain Project Built on Ethereum is 94 out of 100

A cryptocurrency research by Kevin Rooke revealed there are approximately 250,000 of developers in the Ethereum…

Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Development Market

Swiss: Academic Certifications to be verified with Ethereum Blockchain

The Center for Innovative Finance, a research group in the University of Basel, has partnered with…

Ethereum Blockchain Technology News

Panmunjom Declaration will remain on Ethereum Blockchain

The Panmunjom Declaration that was authorized by officials from South Korea and North Korea was recorded…

Blockchain Technology Healthcare News

ConsenSys Partnered With Saudi Telecom Company To Boost Middle East’ Blockchain Infrastructure

The world’s largest Ethereum blockchain design studio is collaborating with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) in…