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Ethereum Blockchain Foundation Projects line up

Ethereum Blockchain: Foundation Projects line up

The Ethereum Foundation has 13 projects lined up to develop scalability, security, development experiences, user interface, and other features of Ethereum blockchain. The Foundation has made more than $2.5 million and it hopes to bridge the missing pieces in the blockchain ecosystem. The Foundation quoted it would “serve teams and individuals that are working to prevent a tragedy of the commons.”

Ethereum Classic Price value moves above $30

Ethereum Classic: Price value moves above $30

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has reached high having touched $30 and above. The value of ETC has appreciated by 16% and up to 95% from its lowest range. OKEx exchange has revealed that the ETC/ BTC pair trade has grown by 10.52%. However, ETC has not touched the December’s record high price. 

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DMM Group launches crypto exchange

The DMM Group, a Japanese e-commerce and entertainment company has launched its cryptocurrency exchange from the 11th of January. The trading platform that is provided by Simplex Inc. called the ‘Simplex Cryptocurrency’ supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ethereum Classic, Nem, Bitcoin Cash And Ripple.