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‘Cryptogirl’ open beta version based on Ethereum launched

Cryptogirl a game developed on Ethereum network released its open-beta trail version. The game facilitates in-game digital collectibles which can be traded using Ether. The Cryptogirl are developed based on the ERC721 token. The players would be able to obtain the characters through the use of in-game token called ‘debris’ which utilizes ERC223 token system.

Reschedules in releasing Ethereum chain upgrades

Reschedules in releasing Ethereum chain upgrades

The Ethereum Core Devs Meetings #40 helped the Ethereum developers discuss on the updates that could be brought to ETH network. The releases of Ethereum chain upgrades such as Casper and sharding have been reorganized. Casper would be released on a shard or a side chain. Sharding is to enhance the number of transactions that blockchain processes.

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QuikNode enables Search

QuikNode recently tossed out Search for searching Ethereum wallet address holdings. The user can search by typing the relevant address in the Search box which will reveal the information. The team stated, “We saw an opportunity to create a tool that would benefit Ethereum network with an excellent way to show developers how QuikNode can be applied in web app”.