Aya Miyaguchi Appointed To EEA Board For New Mainnet

Aya Miyaguchi Appointed To EEA Board For New Mainnet

The executive director Aya Miyaguchi has been appointed to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) board to focus on its new ‘Mainnet Initiative’. The EEA board member, Joseph Lubin explained, “Notably, there have been tangible and committed efforts to use ethereum mainnet by the enterprise and to build infrastructure for mainnet that will also serve many business use cases for the long term.”

Pre-Registrations for Blockchain Domains Names Begins in EnCirca

EnCirca has shared that the it is the first accredited registrar under ICANN (an organisation which maintains namespaces of internet) it has started to accept applications for Ethereums’s .ETH domain names to ease access with human readable names. The President of Encirca, Tom Barett explained, “Billions of internet users will soon have blockchain wallets for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. In response, EnCirca has made it easy for brand owners to protect their trademarks on the blockchain.”

HIVE Blockchain to Enhance Ethereum Mining in Sweden

An announcement has been made by HIVE Blockchain Technologies and Genesis Mining that they have reached a settlement agreement to reboot the Ethereum (ETH) mining in Sweden. The Interim CEO of HIVE, Frank Holmes commented, “The blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve and it is our belief that HIVE is well-positioned to play a significant role in this ever-changing technology.”

CCID Group Declares Top three cryptocurrencies

One of China’s largest IT research & consulting group, CCID’s has released it latest Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, it was stated that EOS retained its title as the best cryptocurrency according to three factors assigned by CCID. Tron came in second and Ethereum was third-ranked cryptocurrency. Point to note is all the three cryptocurrencies were focusing on DApps.

Interest Rates Altered By BlockFi

BlockFi (a crypto asset management company) has announce that it has updated it interest rates. Accounts with over 25 Bitcoin BTC will receive a 0.15% increase in interest rate, and those with ether (ETH) balances between 25 and 75 ETH will decrease from 6.2% to 3.25%. BlockFi has been facing criticism from industry personnel targeting at the company’s terms and conditions, which allow the firm to set the interest rate each month at its sole discretion.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum Now on WhatsApp

Users of major instant messaging platform WhatsApp can now send and receive Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH), via this program by using the Lite.IM bot, developed by Swiss blockchain startup Zulu Republic, the company announced on Sunday. As a matter of fact, Zulu Republic first introduced its Litecoin platform in August 2018 via which with a simple Telegram or SMS message.

Twitter and Google Trends Foreshadow Cryptocurrency Price

A research study by Southern Methodist University revealed that the volume of tweets and Google Search Volume Index (SVI) were found to be leading price indicators for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The researchers found that there 21 million bots on Twitter posting mostly factual information about prices, advertisements, spam etc. Not humans having real discussions about how they feel about either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

ETrade preparing to launch cryptocurrency trading support

ETrade Financial Corp. may be the next online stock trading platform to offer support for cryptocurrencies. ETrade entering the cryptocurrency market is being seen as a potential boost for the market’s legitimacy. People familiar with the matter said that the company is getting close to launching cryptocurrency trading and will start with support for buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum with other cryptocurrencies to follow.

CryptoKitties Parent Company Teases New Ethereum (ETH) Wallet

Dapper Labs, the team behind the first major blockchain collectibles game, CryptoKitties, began accepting early access sign-ups for its next release, a new Ethereum (ETH) wallet called Dapper, which is built to support blockchain gaming assets. Dapper will support ERC-721 tokens and a range of ERC-20 tokens, including the major Ethereum-based projects like Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Maker (MKR).

Ethereum Wallet Dapp Launches by Opera

Ethereum Wallet Dapp Launches by Opera

A new version of Ethereum Wallet Dapp has been launched in Opera which aims to enable the users to perform transactions and network with blockchain-powered Internet-Web 3. It will be in line with the cryptocurrency wallet in the Opera browser for smartphone and guarantees to “safeguard user’s data from third parties and secures their geographic location.”