Ping White Paper Features OneConnect

Ping White Paper Features OneConnect

Ping An’s Blockchain Whitepaper (2019) titled ‘Establishing An Open and Shared Financial System with Blockchain’ has featured a major fintech firm in China, OneConnect Financial Technology Co., Ltd. The Senior Product Director of OneConnect explained, “We believe the value of blockchain could be truly realized only when every participant are linked to blockchain network sharing profits and responsibilities.”

New Fintech Rules Introduced In Mexico With Catch On Crypto

New Fintech Rules Introduced In Mexico With Catch On Crypto

A new Fintech law introduced by the Bank of Mexico which restrict on progress of blockchain and crypto improvements in the country & can shutdown al startups related to it. The Director at Mexico’s Secretary of Finance, Josu San Martin explained, “At the end, the law came out very restrictive, especially for cryptocurrencies to the point where an exchange can’t work under the Mexican law.”

Klarna Becomes Largest Fintech In Europe

Klarna Becomes Largest Fintech In Europe

Klarna (an online payment firm) which has recently raised $460 million in a funding round becomes Europe’s most valuable fintech startup. Sebastian Siemiatkowski, co-founder and CEO of Klarna commented, “We, all 2,500 of us at Klarna, are humbled and honoured, and now also further empowered, to play a role in this improvement of an industry for the benefit of the consumer, worldwide and in the US in particular.”

R3 Partners with Brazil Fintech Firm

A collaboration has been made between a fintech firm based in Brazil, Banco Maré and a blockchain firm, R3 in launching a stock exchange for individual and institutional investors. The CEO of Banco Maré, Alexander Albuquerque explained, “Focused on big investments funds want to know what the startups are doing, but when they find out they are working in the most dangerous regions of Latin America, they do not want it anymore.”

Blockchain Fintech Company Bitt Approved in Barbados

The Central Bank of Barbados and the Financial Services Commission has announced that the Bitt Digital Inc is the first company to complete and exit the Regulatory sandbox. The Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Cleviston Haynes clarified, “On behalf of the panel, I can confirm that the Regulatory Review Panel (RRP) Considers the type of business activity trailed by bitt to be a candidate for regulation under legislation that is currently being drafted.”

Global Tech and Financial Companies Joins INATBA

More than 100 global technology and financial companies (like SWIFT, IBM, Ripple, Bitfury) have joined the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). The newly-established organization will be assisting the companies with the implementation of blockchain technology among the European countries which has its origin after digital signing ceremony at European Commission in Brussels.

Blockchain Digital Currency to Be Exhibited By Central Bank Haiti

A fintech company headquartered in Barbados, Bitt, has been invited by the Central Bank of the Republic of Haiti, La Banque de la République d’Haiti (BRH) to showcase the potential of blockchain-based Central Bank Digital Currency. The BRH reported are now “considering a pilot to create a digital version of the Haitian Gourde, which aims to improve the domestic payments system and promote financial inclusion in Haiti”.

Royal Bank of Scotland Hires Crypto Firm Executive To Head Fintech

The Royal Bank of Scotland has hired Marieke Flament a former managing director at the crypto firm Circle. Marieke Flament, who formerly worked as the European managing director of Circle, as CEO for its fintech wing called Mettle which will provide digital service for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Flament commented: “There is a huge opportunity for disruption in SME digital banking.”

Crypto and Blockchain Course Offers in Wharton School

One of the most well-known business schools in the world has announced that they have recently added an online course focusing on financial technologies which include digital currencies. The online course was named as FinTech and Applications of Financial Technologies. The school then commented, “Knowledge of our renowned Wharton faculty providing real-world knowledge to the benefit of learners around the globe.”

TODAQ Teams Up With Hdac Technology For Blockchain Projects

Blockchain startup founded By Hyundai, Hdac Technology and TODAQ (a global fintech firm which operates its TODA Protocol in Asia, Middle East and Europe) have entered into partnership to develop blockchain projects for mutual benefits. TODAQ CEO & co-founder BuYoung Yun said, “We expect this agreement Hdac will bring both companies greater competitiveness in the development of decentralized business solutions and global expansion,”