Guy Who Offers Hacking Service Put Behind bars

Guy Who Offered Hacking Service Put Behind bars

A 19 year old dude, Elliot Gunton who was running a hacking service in exchange for cryptocurrencies in England has been caught by the cops, they have solid evidence of software which he used for committing cybercrimes and the Norwich Crown Court was sentenced to a 20-month prison sentence and to pay back £400,000 to the exchange which he had earlier breached in.

Cybersecurity Firm Claims China Targets Crypto Companies

Cybersecurity Firm Claims China Targets Crypto Companies

FireEye (a cybersecurity company) has claimed that are performing attacks against cryptocurrency and video game enterprises. In its report: “Unlike other observed Chinese espionage operators, APT41 conducts explicit financially motivated activity, which has included the use of tools that are otherwise exclusively used in campaigns supporting state interests. The late-night to early morning activity of APT41’s financially motivated operations…”

North Korean Hackers Could Have Pocketed $2 Bn UN Report

North Korean Hackers Could Have Pocketed $2 Bn: UN Report

The U.N. panel monitoring sanctions has reported that North Korean cyber experts (hackers) might has raised around $2 billion (Bn) by illegal means which can be utilised by the rouge nation to build weapons of mass destruction. The report states, “Large-scale attacks against cryptocurrency exchanges by North Korea allow the country to generate income in ways that are harder to trace and subject to less government oversight and regulation.”

Hackers Sleeping Inside MyDashWallet For 2 Months

A DASH supporting crypto wallet, MyDashWallet admitted that it has been compromised for the past two months. Its marketing manager Michael Seitz clarified, “The hacker was able to obtain private keys used between May 13th and July 12th. Out of an abundance of caution, anyone using mydashwallet.org in that timeframe should assume their private keys are known by the hacker and should immediately move any balances out of that wallet.”

Another City Become Victim To Hackers

The council in Lake City, a community of about 12,000 people west of Jacksonville has approved and held an emergency meeting Monday night on a bitcoin payment worth about $462,000 by the city’s insurer. For the second week in a row, a small Florida city has agreed to pay cybercriminals hundreds of thousands of dollars after a ransomware attack crippled city systems.

Virtual Machine Steals Via Crypto Mining

LoudMiner, uses virtualization software VirtualBox on Windows and QEMU on Mac OS to mine crypto on a Tiny Core Linux virtual machine, thus having the potential to infect computers across multiple operating systems.It targets applications whose purposes are related to audio production, which usually run on computers with robust processing power and where high CPU consumption in this case caused by stealth crypto mining might not strike suspicion.

Hackers are Helping Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The hackers who fall under the category called “White Hat Hacker” who are helping to improve the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems. In past 2 months 15 firms (Coinbase, EOS, Brave, & Omise to name some of them) have awarded these hackers as um of $30000 for documenting over 30 public bug reports. TRON compensated one of white hat for $3,100 after he realized that the platform was open to being flooded with malicious smart contracts.

Bitcoins Valued About $40 Mn Stolen From Binance Exchange

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the globe has become the latest victim to hackers modus operandi. The company disclosed that Hackers were able to obtain a large number of user API keys, 2FA codes, and potentially other info using variety of techniques, including phishing, viruses and other attacks. They have obtained hold of 7000BTC (Bitcoins worth about $40 million) in a single transaction.

Hackers demanding bitcoin payments for code held hostage from GitHub and GitLab

Hackers are requesting bitcoin payment in return for code that they have removed from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket vaults, through payoff takes note of that they have deserted for their exploited people. Hackers have expelled all the source code from the storehouses, and in return is a payment note that requests 0.1 bitcoin, which is proportional to about $570. It remains unclear how they were able to break into the archives.

Newly Approved Crypto Exchange Set on Live this 16th April

Newly Approved Crypto Exchange Set on Live this 16th April

A new cryptocurrency exchange, named Decurrent has been approved by Japan’s Financial Service Agency (FSA) is set to be live on this coming April 16th. The country’s FSA has already warned the Bitcoin exchange operators in Japan to tighten their security measurement and warned the public once again to be careful with the hackers that could be attacking them.