South Korean Hospital to Introduce Blockchain Pilot Project

South Korean Hospital to Introduce Blockchain Pilot Project

A collaboration has been made between a major hospital in South Korea and the Ministry of Science and ICT in launching a blockchain-powered platform. Seoul Medical Center will build an automated, personalized, integrated medical information platform by providing electronic prescription delivery, certificate issuance, and insurance claims through the blockchain-based system.


Healthureum to administer medical care

Healthureum, an Estonia based startup broadcasted a blockchain aimed at administering medical care in a secured manner. It is to be designed on an Ethereum blockchain. One of the spokesperson of the company said, “Through blockchain, we can achieve decentralized healthcare, closing the gap between services: through transparency, security and most importantly accountability”.

Akiri received $10 million

The Health2047 invested $10 million under Series A funding of Akiri, a blockchain startup. The company intends to progress a distributed ledger platform for health data. The idea is to develop a tool to transfer private health data which also included patients across U.S. named as ‘Akiri Switch’.

Blockchain technology in healthcare

There are adequate chances to force Blockchain technology in healthcare by tapping smart contracts for payments based on pharmaceutical supply chain medical records. The MediLedger Project led by The LinkLab and Chronicled, designed and executed a process for adopting Blockchain technology to track prescription medicines meeting the operative needs of industry.