ICO utility tokens

US CFTC raises concerns over ICO utility tokens

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has raised concerns over the issuance of ‘utility tokens’…

Scams ICOs

81% of the ICO Launched in 2017 Were Scams

Satis Group revealed that 81% of the ICOs launched in the year 2017 turned out to…

ICO Measures in Jersey

Anti-fraud ICO Measures Launches in Jersey Island

A new anti-fraud ICO has been introduced in the United Kingdom’s Jersey Island as an effort…

Women’s Cab Service

Pink Taxi Creates ICO for Women’s Cab Service

A women’s only cab service, Pink Taxi revealed their plan in launching a coin sale for…

Favourable ICO Countries

Singapore, Switzerland, and the US: Most Favourable Countries for ICO

The most favorable countries for successful ICO launch have been revealed during the Crypto Financial Conference….

ICO Raises

Former Macau Triad ICO raises $750 Million

Macau’s former triad named Wan Kuok-Koi has successfully raised $750 million on an ICO in less…

ICO Regulation

Bermuda regulates ICO

The Minister of Finance of Bermuda, David Burt has declared the introduction of new rules covering…

ICO- Regulatory Issues

Companies practice ICOs despite regulatory issues

A study report by Weetracker revealed that more ICO activities have been taking place in South…

Blockchain Firm News

DIRT blockchain firm raises $3 million

A blockchain startup, DIRT has raised $3 million through a seed funding round. The company received…

Crypto Regulation News

ICO Regulations is on the Priority List

The French regulator has announced that ICO regulation has been put on the priority list for…