Blockchain Expert and NetxBlock Settle Misleading Investors Issue

The settlement agreement between Alex Tapscott and NextBlockchain Global Limited (NextBlock) has been approved by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). The Director of the Enforcement at the OSC, Jeff Kehoe commented, “This dishonest behaviour robs investors of the opportunity to make informed investment decisions and undermines confidence in our markets.”

UNCHAIN Convention To Be Held At Berlin In June 14-15

A two-day conference which spotlights on maturing crypto community, investors and founders of blockchain startups at Berlin, Germany during June 14-15, 2019. Oskar Giese, UNCHAIN Convention founder said, “Our main goal is to bring on business innovations between crypto entrepreneurs, investors and traditional economy leaders from all over the globe-by discussing and exploring the full potential of a decentralized economy,”

ConsenSys Has Ambitious Plan to Rise $200 Million from Investors

As an effort to accelerate the development project by ConsenSys, the firm is seeking approximately $200 million to fund the project development studio by the co-founder of Ethereum, Joe Lubin. The company is also approaching the Chinese investors to fund the project which is based on a $1 billion valuation.

South Korea Blockchain Investors Summit 30th May 2019

South Korea: Blockchain Investors Summit On 30th May 2019

A blockchain themed event will be held in South Korea named the “Global Blockchain Foundation’s Blockchain Investor Summit”. The event will be held on this coming 30th May 2019 and will be inviting numerous of important key players in the industry under the same roof parallel with the event’s objective in providing the blockchain start-up and enthusiast with a thriving platform.

Cryptocurrency Investment

Central Bank develops website to warn investors

“Watch out for cryptocurrencies” deciphered the domain name of a website designed for the welfare of the investors. The main objective of this domain is to issue warnings about cryptocurrency for the benefit of the investors. The citizens were cautioned by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) about investments and risks based on cryptocurrency.