IOTA Trading Platform

IOTA on eToro trading platform

The eToro trading network had added IOTA to its platform. The other digital assets supported by the platform include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, EOS, ADA, and NEO. The cryptocurrency is to be added to its Crypto CopyFund. The co-founder and CEO of eToro stated, “IOTA aims to be the ‘ledger of everything.’

Finney built on Ethereum Blockchain

Finney to be built on Ethereum Blockchain

Sirin Labs planned to integrate Ethereum blockchain to its phone called ‘Finney.’ The company has chosen Ethereum blockchain over the IOTA’s distributed ledger technology as disclosed in the whitepaper. The chief marketing officer stated, “At launch, we are going to use the Ethereum blockchain. The Finney Phone will work through complete nodes that are hosted on Sirin Labs.”

Crypto Austria News

Major Crypto Available at Post Offices in Austria

Bitpanda has successfully made it possible for the major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ET), Ripple (XRP), IOTA (MIOTA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Komodo (KMD), be purchased easily from post office. The services are made available to more than 400 post offices and 1,300 post partners in Austria.

Bitcoin News

Police confiscate EUR 4.5 million worth cryptos

The Spanish Guardia Civil and the Austrian Federal Police have nabbed Bitcoins, IOTA, and lumen. The police have searched six houses in Spain and one in Austria. They have accused eight involved in drug trafficking and money laundering activity. The police have seized Bitcoins worth EUR 5,508,000, IOTA worth EUR 137,000 and lumen worth EUR 30,000.

IOTA blockchain powered ID System in Taipei

IOTA blockchain powered ID System in Taipei

The IOTA has declared the launch of Tangle identification system integrating blockchain technology. The Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology in Taipei stated, “With Taipei City always think ahead and with IOTA’s technology, this partnership is a strategic move to usher in the era of smart cities to the citizens of Taipei.”

Cryptocurrency Market Platform News

Bitpanda to list IOTA

Bitpanda declared to add IOTA. It is reported that the customers would be able to trade IOTA from the 14th of June through Bitpanda platform. USD/IOT trading pair is presently exchanging hands at $1.72. The listing of IOTA is considered on an appeal made by the public. Crypto Daily reported the IOTA price is still locked in the contracting triangle pattern.

Crypto Market News

Norway Bank explores IOTA

Den Norske Bank has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the IOTA Foundation. The association would be helpful to explore IOTA Tangle applications. Lasse Meholm, the chief of DLT at the DNB mentioned, “The technology is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of microtransactions per second.” The association might relax the relationship between Norwegian banks and crypto ecosystem.

Crypto Exchange Market Platform News

New Trading pairs in Binance exchange platform

Binance exchange has affirmed new trading pairs added to its exchange platform. They include Ripple and Binance Coin, TrueUSD and Tether, Stellar and Tether and lastly IOTA and USDT. The Binance users would be able to exchange the former coin with that of the later. It is reported that the value of Binance Coin surged by 8.27% post the declaration of new trading pairs.

Blockchain Technology Market MoU News

UNOPS signs MoU to use IOTA’s Blockchain

The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the IOTA blockchain network. The association is aimed at embracing IOTA’s blockchain service for increasing the efficiency level in managing and tracking UN documents, supply chains and transactional payments in real-time. Seminars, workshops, and other development programs are to be held.

IOTA based Charging Station in the Netherlands

IOTA based Charging Station in the Netherlands

ElaadNL, smart charging project by the use of solar and wind energy, has associated with IOTA for processing distributed ledger technology supported electric vehicles charging station in the Netherlands. The features of the charging station include kWh-based charging, IOTA charging app and kWh measurement storage near the odometer of the car.