UAE To Put KYC, data On Blockchain Consortium

A new collaboration has been established between the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Mashreq Bank, and fintech firm Norbloc to develop a blockchain consortium on Hyperledger by 2020. The CEO of DIFC, Authority, Arif Amiri explained, “This initiative provides a unique opportunity to harness innovative technology to deliver a seamless experience for both newly established and existing companies at the centre.”

Onfido Joins WORBLI To ensure Compliance

An announcement has been made by WORBLI (a financial services network) that it has selected Onfido, to deliver the highest compliance standards to its blockchain network with ease KYC & AML process to it users. The CEO of WORBLI, Domenic Thomas explained, “At WORBLI, we have a global mindset where we seek to bring financial services to all corners of the world. We want to bridge the gaps for the people who don’t have access to financial services.”

G20 wraps Crypto With Acrid KYC Norms

G20, the group of 19 big nations and the European Union, imposing stricter know-your-customer (KYC) procedures on cryptocurrency exchanges and related businesses. This made many crypto industry expert to term the move as draconian and this undesirable from a privacy perspective. Also the inter-governmental Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) met with representatives from the cryptocurrency industry on May 6th and 7th this year in Vienna.

Remme and Ubisecure to Adopt Blockchain for Identity Management

Ubisecure, a customer identity management company has welcomed a developer of the distributed Public Key Infrastructure (PKId) protocol and PKI-enabled apps, Remme as their strategic partner. The CEO of Remme, Alex Momot commented, “Our two companies will release further details on the outcome of the PoC and further collaborations based around identity management with DLT in the near future.”

BENEFIT & Fenergo Collaborates in Establishing Blockchain-integrated eKYC

Fenergo has partnered with Bahrain’s Electronic Network for Financial Transaction (BENEFIT) in launching a national KYC that integrated with blockchain technology. The CEO of BENEFIT, Abdulwahed AlJanahi explained, “By partnering with disruptive technology companies like Fenergo, we can deliver on our promise to help financial firms streamline and simplify the collection and management of customer data, improving customer experiences and minimising fraud.”

Crypto Exchange OAX Collaborates with KYC-Chain

Crypto Exchange OAX Collaborates with KYC-Chain

A partnership was made between OAX cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem and KYC-Chain to encourage the strong governance standard in digital asset trading. The founder of KYC-Chain, Edmund Lowell said, “We are very proud to be partnering with OAX Foundation. KYC and AML have become essential parts of running a business. From our experience by adopting the necessary compliance tools.”

Nigeria’s Blockchain Association to Launch KYCAML Campaigns

Nigeria’s Blockchain Association to Launch KYC/AML Campaigns

The stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN) has recently revealed that they’re now prepared to launch the KYC/AML campaigns in the country soon. Senator Ihenyen explained, “We believe that Blockchain and cryptocurrency present massive opportunity for economic growth. But we can’t make that happen if we fail to leverage on the technology at this nascent stage.”

AMLKYC Platform Confirms Redesigns

AML/KYC Platform Confirm, Redesigned

A provider of data to combat ransomware, hacking, malware and other online threat, Confirm have revealed that they have fully redesigned its AML/KYC platform. The redesigned platform by Confirm have features numbers of new design upgrades, integrated products and of course, a better AML Risk reporting. Network members are now able to access the Confirm products and panels.