Thai Customs To IBM’s Blockchain for Shipping Tracking

Thai Customs To IBM’s Blockchain for Shipping Tracking

An announcement has been made by the Thai Customs Departments regarding their plan to adopt the IBM’s blockchain logistics system, Tradelens to track shipping. The MD of IBM Thailand, Patama Chantaruck said, “TradeLens will provide the Thai Customs Department with an automatic and immutable tracking tool, which will lead to a more secure, transparent, efficient and simpler workflow, with near real-time information sharing from a diverse network of ecosystem members.”

ShipChain Team-up with ParceLive for Real-timeTracking

A collaboration has been made between a blockchain-powered logistics solutions provider, ShipChain with a real-time supply chain visibility platform, ParceLive to improve efficiency & transparency in the global supply chain. The CEO of ShipChain, John Monarch commented, “Customers around the world now have a transparent tracking system at their fingertips – with the ability to seamlessly access the location, temperature, and condition of their goods.”

Sneakers Put On Blockchain By Satoshi Studios

A new era of blockchain in the sports accessories department has been introduced by Satoshi Studios as they’re launching Satoshi_one, a sneaker pair which is made with Italian raw material, inspired by French & assembled in Portugal. A group of tech savvy people thought it would a good idea to get products that are registered on the blockchain be sold to ensure product authenticity, ownership with name-tag NFC chi and also planning put clothing wear on blockchain next.

Goose Q Taps Blockchain for Logistics Industry

The Goose Q (a logistic solution provider) has shared its plan to implement blockchain technology to enhance its service. It has come up with special sim card for truck drivers in cooperation with China Unicom, called the Daluka SIM-card to which will collects tons of data collections and provides good control to avoid fraud invoices through a logistic app which uses blockchain to ensure security, decentralization & transparency.

CP Rails Participates in Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA)

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CP rails) has recently announced that it has decided to join Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) with the aim to transform the transport industry. The President of BiTA, Patrick Duffy explained, “When you order a pair of shoes, currently the information you put into the website where you order those shoes goes from a website into an ERP…where you want to know the track and trace of those materials, where those assets are at any given time. Blockchain’s a very good tool for that.”

Hard Drives Are Being Tracked On Blockchain

A technology giant based in America, Seagate has collaborated with IBM to begin the pilot stage of its blockchain project which vision to combat counterfeit hard drives (HDD) issues. The research group managing technologies of Seagate, Manuel Offenberg explained regarding the collaboration with IBM, “involving the cryptographic identity of the device in the blockchain transaction, such that the digital trust of the product itself is part of the transaction.”

New Zealand Eyes Blockchain & Crypto

The food giant, Nestle recently announced that it will be implementing blockchain technology soon to manage the supply chain and food tracking operations in New Zealand. The New Zealand is considering to become a pioneer in use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency seriously and will be testing other products to a blockchain platform to see the potential of blockchain technology entire product catalogue.

Temperature Sensitive Blockchain Tracking System Unveiled by ShipChain

An American blockchain-driven logistics corporation, ShipChain has shared its recently established partnership with GTX Corp with the aim in launching a temperature-sensitive blockchain tracking system. Shipcain will be using the temperature-driven tracking technology built by GTX where GTX will also equip ShipChain with other hardware to streamline the process of the initiative.

Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Welcomes Capital Logistics

A blockchain organization, the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) has recently welcomed Capital Logistics (a non asset based logistics company). The president of BiTA, Patrick Duffy explained, “Members like Capital Logistics are key to BiTA’s success. The collective knowledge, insight and experience of Alliance members will help enable the best uses of blockchain in the transportation industry.”

Blockchain Pilot Program Announced by Nestlé

A statement has been made by Nestlé regarding their intention to launch a pilot program to track its supply chain by using blockchain technology by establishing a partnership with OpenSC (a blockchain platform) to construct the DLT which will be insulated from the Nestlé’s participation with IBM Food Trust blockchain. The Executive Vice President of Nestlé, Magdi Batoto commented, “Open blockchain technology might allow us to share reliable information with consumers in an accessible way.”