Blockchain Technology Market News

Hackers attack HDAC mining pool

HDAC mining pool, a blockchain integrated IoT platform has been hacked. The company also halted the withdrawals for the time being. It is reported by TokenPost, “HyndaiPay’s servers and the HDAV blockchain itself are not impacted by the breach. The team estimates that the vast majority of miners have been affected.”

Cryptocurrency Mining News

Mining Firm In Canada Left Gold Mining For Crypto Mining

According to the report, a gold mining firm based in Canada, MX Gold has sold all its mining portfolio to several companies and decided to focus on their new cryptocurrency mining project. According to the report, the former gold mining firm has started their operations in January after purchasing hundreds unit of digital currency mining equipment November 2017.

ViaBTC shuts mining business

The ViaBTC, cloud cryptocurrency mining pool in China announced about the closure of its mining business. The official statement quoted that, “In order to control speculation and protect the interests of our investor, ViaBTC will officially close cloud mining market at UTC time Jan 10th, 2018”.

R & D Specialty Lab for Cryptocurrency Mining: DMM

The popular based in Japan aspires to perform in the Blockchain industry as well. The Research and Development (R & D) specialty lab for cryptocurrency mining will function under the name DMM Mining Labo which is established in a measure to boost DMM’s profitability. The company is all set to try multiple avenues for progressing in cryptocurrency field and it also progresses to set up its own cryptocurrency exchange.

Central Bank to limit the usage of electricity

The Central Bank of China, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) uttered to the Leading Group of Beijing Internet Financial Risks Remediation to voice out about the electricity usage in cryptocurrency mining. It commanded them to appeal against the local administration to impose limitations on usage of electricity in bitcoin mining which currently acquires huge amount of GPU’s that has increased 15 fold during the previous year.


Petro: 860,811 signed up for mining

Nearly 860,811 people have signed up and registered to deal with Petro, a new national cryptocurrency in Venezuela. The President Nicolas Maduro announced that such number of young users registered to legally mine Petro in the market.  


“Restrictions on mining, a rumour”

The “restrictions on mining” by Chinese government in the cryptocurrency industry is observed as a rumour.  An official from the Chinese Finance industry reported to the Finance Magnates that “mining is a very different affair” that doesn’t fall in line with the ban on ICO and cryptocurrencies. Mining being more profitable would be the reason behind government’s silence towards it.


OMV Petrom acquired by Canadian Company

The Transeastern Power Trust, Canadian company, has acquired OMV petrom’s Dorobantu 45MW wind park. The Power Trust aims to use that energy to mine cryptocurrencies. The consideration of USD 23 million and EUR 2.8 million through short-term bridge financing and vendor financing was paid. It is expected to be repaid by opening a private placement offer in the first week of January.


Customs Department reports on bitcoin mining rigs

Revelation about the bitcoin mining rigs was made by the Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department. It was exposed that nearly 7005 bitcoin mining rigs were imported to Vietnam during the year 2017. On request made by the General Department of Vietnam Customs, it was confirmed by the Central Bank that mining of bitcoin rigs were not in line with payment made through digital currency which is not banned.