OCBC Bank Taps JPMorgan’s Blockchain Payments Initiative

OCBC Bank Taps JPMorgan’s Blockchain Payments Initiative

One Of the largest bank in the South East Asian region, OCBC bank (headquartered at Singapore) has announced that it has joined JPMorgan’s blockchain payment initiative, Interbank Information Network (IIN, which is used by around 345 banks across the world). Head of JPMorgan Chase said, “The intent with IIN was always to develop a meaningful ecosystem of bank users, all focused on harnessing emerging technologies such as blockchain.”

Apple Pay Eyeing On Cryptocurrency

Apple Pay Eyeing On Cryptocurrency

The vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey has unveiled that Apple was keeping an eye on digital currencies during an interview. She has said in an interview with CNN that, “We’re watching cryptocurrency. We think it’s interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential.” Though haven’t made any announcement regarding its interest in crypto space, some analyst believes that Apple will make a strategically focused move into crypto.

MasterCard to Hire Crypto Experts for its Blockchain Project

The MasterCard has reportedly to hire the cryptocurrency experts for its blockchain project. This indicates that the largest payment firms in the world are set to indulge in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Although the company has yet to share the project they’re working on specifically, it is assumed that they’re working in a blockchain-powered payment platform.

Instant Payments Offered by StarkPay

An announcement has been made by a blockchain payment engine, StarkPay that it has successfully introduced instant payments. The instant payment support is an effort made by StarkPay to enhance their services in a risk-free process and allows merchants to improve goods & services trade. The instant payment offers variety features variety like scalable, inexpensive, trustless, capital-efficient, payments over Ethereum and there is no trust assumption between any parties.

New Patent-pending Payment System Introduced by Radpay

A new patent-pending technology named SpeedPath that is anticipated to redefine restaurants and other merchants accept digital wallets has been introduced by a decentralized global payment processing company, Radpay. The CEO of Radpay, Dana Love explained, “Radpay’s recent patent filing titled ‘A Blockchain-based Secure Payment System’ laid out 26 novel claims. SpeedPay is one of those claims

MEDSiS Teams-up with WTIA For Stablecoin Payment System

The World Token Issuing Alliance (WTIA) and MEDSiS International (a financial service firm based in US) have entered into deeper partnership in Argentina. The agreement reported empowering the Argentinian registration and payment system powered by Maxwell stablecoin. The CEO of MEDSiS, Joshua Dax Cabrera explained, “Maxwell is key to the SUPOFEPRA project. It will help stabilize the unbanked and add jobs and opportunities to new populations like never before.”

IBM Blockchain Adopted By Car eWallet for Payments

An open mobility ecosystem, Car eWallet ( an application for all smartphones and indeed, communicate through the car screen) has shared its plan to utilize IBM blockchain technology for car-related transactions into the central doorway. The wallet will facilitate the cars to record the transactions for tolls, parking, fuel and insurance automatically as blockchain could offer a more reliable, fast and centralized option.

PumaPay Introduces PullPayment Protocol

A blockchain-powered payment system, PumaPay has shared that they have launched its new crypto billing solution named PullPayment Protocol which is also PCI compliant. The CEO of PumaPay, Yoav Dror explained, “PCI compliance puts PullPayment Protocol on the map, giving PumaPay the recognition it needs to deliver its crypto billing solution, while also keeping users’ financial information secure.”

Blockchain Payments Program Introduces by MasterCard

As an effort in expanding its services, Mastercard has recently formed a collaboration with BENEFIT (Bahrain’s Electronic Network for Financial Transactions) for blockchain payment. The division president for Mastercard in the Middle East and North Africa, Khalid Elgibali explained, “As a technology company, Mastercard is proud to introduce the latest payment technologies to the region, which are helping to build the infrastructure for a smart economy.”

Australia’s New Cash Payment Draft Bill Positive For Crypto

The Australian government unveiled a new draft bill which is supportive of digital currencies. In its memorandum: “Digital currency is a new and developing area in the Australian economy. Unlike physical currency, it does not have a firmly established regulatory framework or industry structure. This makes it difficult to apply the cash payment limit in a way that would not largely prevent the use of digital currency in Australia or significantly stifle innovation in the sector.”