smart contract

Chainlink Integrated QuarkChain To Sharpen Smart Contract

A blockchain-powered on sharding technology, QuarkChain has shared that it has successfully integrated with Chainlink’s oracle technology in creating a better smart contract development experience. The CEO of QuarkChain, Dr Qi Zhou explained, “We are honoured to work with an excellent company such as Chainlink to expand the capabilities of QuarkChain’s smart contracts beyond on-chain transactions to touch more areas of users daily lives.”

Second State LLC Raises $3 Mn For Smart Contract

An announcement has been made by Second State LLC which shared that they have successfully raised $3 million worth of fund in a funding round. The founder of Second State, Michael Yuan explained, that they are providing a tool which enables the developers to create blockchain application and added, “We’re providing high-quality, turn-key blockchain and smart contract solutions for businesses.”

Ice-box Working on Smart Contracts

The German equipment manufacturing major, Bosch has come up with a plan in creating a refrigerator working on smart contracts. It was revealed by the energy company, Wien Energie which just recently became a partner of Bosch, the blockchain technology allows monitoring the consumption of electricity. Smart contract stores the energy volume in kilowatt-hour, allows user to track its source and also give information about the CO2 emissions.

Smart Contracts Enabled on .Net framework

An announcement has been made by Stratis regarding the launching of Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes and Stratis Smart Contracts in C#. The CEO of Stratis, Chris Tew claimed, “At Stratis, we are committed to making it easy for businesses to adopt blockchain solutions for real-world use cases. Now, for the first time, enterprises and developers are able to build private blockchains and program smart contracts in their familiar C# language.”

Smart Contracts To Ensure Casino Fairplay’s Payouts

As an effort in convincing more customers, a blockchain casino, the FairPlay (which supports major cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.,) has guaranteed all payouts will be made via smart contracts. Apart from convincing its customers, FairPlay also indirectly adding another layer of transparency that could be beneficial for the company in the long run with the implementation of innovative technology of smart contracts.

All Rental Contracts Are Rolled Into Blockchain At Malta

Malta has stepped up its strategy on becoming the global blockchain hub as it has announced that rental contracts in the country are now run on the blockchain. A local press has quoted the announcement made by Malta’s Prime Minister, Mr Joseph Muscat, “We will now be showing people the added value of this technology through applying it to something which they will use in their daily lives.”

Smart Contracts Launches Blockchain Platform

A blockchain start-up headquartered in Singapore, Ziliqa has shared the launching smart contracts on its blockchain platform. The chief scientific officer at Ziliqa, Amrit Kumar explained:” We’ve made significant technological and engineering inroads, as we’ve refined our protocol infrastructure and enhanced developer tools for Scilla in order to provide our community with the necessary resources to engage with the Zilliqa ecosystem as we know it today.”

Xfers Teams-up with Ziliwa for Blockchain and Smart Contracts

A partnership has been made between a payment company named Xfers with a blockchain start-up, Ziliqa with the aim to explore the implementation of blockchain technology and smart contracts in accelerating the speed, efficiency and transparency of payment solution. The CEO of Xfers, Tianwei Liu then explained, “Our vision at Xfers has always been to create the trusted, digital financial ecosystem in Southeast Asia.”

New Programming Language for TON Blockchain by Telegram

An announcement has been made by Telegram through its Telegram Channel that a new separate programming language for its Telegram Open Network (TON) has been launched named Fift. The new programming language aims in improving and handling TON blockchain smart contracts. Apart from that, TON has also reportedly collaborated with a German financial service provider in April named Wirecard.

Blockchain Metal Company Offers Copper Token & Smart Contract

Tokenised Copper in name of the Cu Coin MBX has been made available by the Blockchain Metal Company, it will be an ERC-20 token with its value tied to real metal commodity. The smart contract can be programmed in a way that both payment and delivery obligations can be executed turn in turn by the decentralized software code functioning as self executing contract.