Singapore Startup to Develop Smart City with Blockchain In Cambodia

Singapore Startup to Develop Smart City with Blockchain In Cambodia

A start-up based in Singapore vision to transform the Southeast Asian and it’s building smart cities in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh powered by blockchain technology. A technology entrepreneur, Eddie Lee explained, “Building on a hybrid blockchain infrastructure, the smart city collects information through residents’ multiple daily touchpoints. These create an understanding of how the city moves, lives and functions.”

BLOCK 30 Labs Emerge Best Startup In North America

BLOCKCHANCE 2019 to Feature Startup Pitch and Blockchain-Accelerator

A blockchain event will be held at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce called the BLOCKCHANCE 2019, will also feature a start-up pitch and blockchain accelerator with prize money of €50,000. The MD Blockchain Research Labs, Christopher Nigischer “The bottom line is the economic and social benefit: in the short term, for example, in logistics, and to some extent also in the financial sector.

BLOCK 30 Labs Emerge Best Startup In North America

BLOCK 30 Labs Emerge Best Startup In North America

During the World Blockchain Summit taking place Singapore, BLOCK 30 was awarded the title “Best North America Startup – 2019”. The CEO of BLOCK 30 Labs, Briant Foote proudly said, “We think that a Web 3.0 online marketplace model – that solves for the trustless verification of ID’s, goods, sellers and chain of ownership has some very real implications for how customers may want to utilize blockchain in the future.”

NEM Ventures Bets in IoT-Blockchain Startup

NEM Ventures Bets in IoT-Blockchain Startup

The venture capital and investment arm of the NEM blockchain, NEM Ventures has shared their plan to invest in blockchain and IoT startup, IoDLT. The Director and Co-founder of NEM Ventures, David Mansell expressed, “We see huge potential in IoDLT, and are thrilled to be investing in a startup with significant potential for scalability. Facilitated by NEM Catapult, IoT devices connected directly to the blockchain will have a wide array of industry application.”

Startup Working On Crypto Data Has Raised $3.2 Mn In Funding Round

Cryptocurrency data and financial technology startup Digital Asset Data announced that it received $3.2 million in funding. Glenn Hutchins, its board of director commented, “Digital Assets Data has built a full stack, institutional-quality data platform that is capable of serving all types of market participants – from data scientists, to quant funds, hedge funds, banks, venture capital funds, and more.”

CURATE project Revolutionize Online Fashion Industry

A blockchain Start-up, CURATE has the vision to revolutionize online fashion industry by rewarding its users with BTC, ETH and their token, CUR8 for curating fashion styles. The blockchain start-up originated from London has also established some partnership with the major companies in the fashion industry & aims to rid of fake reviews and feedback easily with the blockchain technology implemented.

ABBC Coin Founder Collaborates with Blockchain Start-up PodMiners

A new partnership has been established between a blockchain start-up company, PodMiners with the founder of Dubai based payment platform ABBC Coin, Jason Daniel Paul Philip. PodMiners have created blockchain based podcasting platform which has caught the eye of the ABBC Coin founder which makes him decided to join the start-up as a partner. Philip is optimists with the potential of PodMiners to lead a transparent and secure transaction and contribute a positive development.

50 Members Participated in Blockchain Accelerator Startup Backed By Fidelity

A blockchain accelerator Startup Studio backed by Fidelity has recently welcomed 50 members such as the officers from Ethereum Foundation, Blockchain Capital, Messari and many more. A new program members of IDEO explained, “Today we’re excited to share the humans behind them — and many more — who deeply care about the blockchain community and helping entrepreneurs and developers in it succeed.”

Atomic Swap Function From Joint Effort Of Qtum & Beam

A partnership has been made between Qtum, a smart contracts platform and a blockchain start-up based in Israel, Beam to launch an atomic swap function. The CIO of Qtum, Miguel Palencia explained, “We saw great success with our bitcoin atomic swap integration back in January and want to continue to expand next-level interoperability with another cryptocurrency that the Qtum community admires: Beam.”

Norton Revealed To Be NOIA Network Startup

A pioneer in internet peering tech & co-founder of Equinix, William B. Norton has been revealed to be the co-founder of NOIA Network startup (a programmable internet backbone). In NOIA Network blog, “Today, we want to present to you one of the original members of our talented core team. Meet William B. Norton, his role in the development of Programmable Internet & the evolution of NOIA has been decisive.”