Telegram Token Goes For Sale in South Korea

Telegram Token Goes For Sale in South Korea

Upxide exchange located in south Korea has partnered Liquid (a cryptocurrency exchange) and have announced that Telegram’s cryptocurrency Gram (a utility token runs on TON blockchain of Telegram) or 14 days until July 25. In past, Telegram has conducted a pre token sale limited to accredited investors from which it has raised $ 1.7 billion USD.

STP Raises $7Mn in Funding

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STP, a startup with compliant tokenization) has made public that that it secured $7 million in funding. It was raised in 2 separate rounds with multiple venture capitalists like Neo Global Capital, BlockVC and AlphaBit. STP commented, “The platform is providing an easier solution to issue fractionalized ownership of traditionally illiquid assets, which equates to a $256 trillion market.”

Tezos Updates Its First Token Holder Administered

The Tezos Foundation has announced that it has updated its on-chain voting, dubbed Athens A it was developed by Nomadic Labs developers. Arthur Breitman, the creator of Tezos explained, “The Athens activation demonstrates that cryptocurrencies do not have to choose between being stuck with early technological choices or protecting themselves against interference. Upgrades can be automated, decentralized, and self-funding.”

SpaceX Stock Should Be Tokenized Suggests Novogratz

Hedge funder Mike Novogratz hinted that he would be first in line to invest in his fellow billionaire’s (Elon Musk) other high-profile project, SpaceX. Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital and a former hedge fund manager at Fortress Investment Group, has been on a tear this month discussing Bitcoin, but he also a vocal proponent of tokenization. He thinks Elon Musk should be, too.

Blockchain Metal Company Offers Copper Token & Smart Contract

Tokenised Copper in name of the Cu Coin MBX has been made available by the Blockchain Metal Company, it will be an ERC-20 token with its value tied to real metal commodity. The smart contract can be programmed in a way that both payment and delivery obligations can be executed turn in turn by the decentralized software code functioning as self executing contract.

DENcoin Come To Help DenMart

The DENmart marketplace will enable users to create an online store in the e-commerce sector has introduced DENcoin a brand-new digital payment system. It is a utility token that links buyers, sellers and investors in the Denmart marketplace. The token is based on the ERC-20 algorithm, built to be a stable form of payment on the DEN (Diamond Empire Network) platform and subsequently in the global market.

MinerGate Launches Its Utility Token

A multicurrency mining pool, MinerGate has brought out its ultimate utility called as MinerGate Token (MG) which is believed to be a vital instrument to fuel its entire ecosystem. Claude Lecomte, CEO, and founder of MinerGate said, “To build MG, we thought deeply about the technical background and its connection with our vision. We believe that advanced blockchain technologies powered by EOS will help the platform to reach its full potential”.

CryptoKaiju Brings Out Its Ethereum Based 2nd Gen Crypto Collectables

CryptoKaiju Brings Out Its Ethereum Based 2nd Gen Crypto Collectibles

CryptoKaiju, a UK-based blockchain startup has launched its second generation, Ethereum-powered crypto collectibles called Jaiantokoin. Oliver Carding, co-founder of CryptoKaiju commented “The demand was so high that people were still requesting Genesis up until last month. Months after selling out we are still receiving weekly requests from people looking to buy one.”

Brazilian Football Club to Introduce Fan Token for Game Tickets

Brazilian Football Club to Introduce Fan Token for Game Tickets

Atletico Mineiro have shared their plan to launch a fan token which will allow the fans to purchase game tickets, jerseys and enjoy customized services. The information was shared by the club’s Director of Administration and Control, Plínio Signorini on Youtube and will be pioneers to accept cryptos in Latin America and Football arena.

Crypto Token Coming Soon in KamaGames

Crypto Token Coming Soon in KamaGames

KamaGames announced the launch of its own KamaGames Token by moving into blockchain and cryptocurrency. $25 million worth of tokens expected to be sold with the existing blockchain technology and their Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. The CEO of KamaGames, Kuznetsov said, “This is a way for our players to buy in-game currency more cheaply.”