Tron Announced BitTorent Testnet Launching

The CEO of Tron, Justin Sun has shared in an announcement regarding the launching of BitTorrent on latest testnet. Tron has explained that the new file system protocol is a distributed web platform powered by blockchain technology. Sun also explained that “With BitTorrent Speed, we aim to strengthen the BitTorrent protocol and then deliver more features that inspire innovation across industries.”

TRON Announces $20 Mn Buyback

The Tron Foundation has announced a $20 million buyback plan in a bid to bolster community activity and market stability. The company is going to conduct the largest Tron (TRX) token buyback plan so far with the widest coverage in the secondary market, the post reads. The Tron announced an upgrade of its blockchain-based platform, Odyssey, to version 3.6 with improved security and stability.

Carbon Unveiled FDIC on Tron’s Blockchain

An announcement regarding the launching of Carbon’s FDIC (First Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) on Tron’s blockchain has been shared. The CEO of Carbon, Sam Trautwein explained, “Our goal is to build products that people use. TRON shares an unwavering loyalty to both growth and adoption. We’re excited to join forces to bring stability to a more mainstream audience in launching a fully fiat-backed stablecoin on TRON.”

CCID Group Declares Top three cryptocurrencies

One of China’s largest IT research & consulting group, CCID’s has released it latest Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, it was stated that EOS retained its title as the best cryptocurrency according to three factors assigned by CCID. Tron came in second and Ethereum was third-ranked cryptocurrency. Point to note is all the three cryptocurrencies were focusing on DApps.

Variety of Blockchain to Be offered by Opera

The blockchain-powered browser, Opera will be adding multiple blockchains soon such as Tron. Confirming the report, the CEO of TRON, Justin Sun have explained, “We are excited that Opera, a mainstream browser with hundreds of millions of users, will now seamlessly support TRX and other TRON tokens. Soon, Opera users will be able to use apps on the TRON blockchain.”

TRON insufficient for Purpose

Chen, a technical mind of the project, laid out a 3-point explanation of why the TRON vision he was sold by Justin Sun no longer exists. The former CTO of TRON, Lucien Chen, says ‘irreconcilable contradictions’ between he and CEO Justin Sun made his time there untenable. Chen also said that Volume Network (VOL) will be the true realization of his original vision for TRON. Anyone who has been following the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) systems employed by blockchains like TRON and EOS won’t be surprised by the first point.

Tron Ranked Top-10 in DApp Blockchain Space

Tron Foundation was listed and rank on top 10 lists in the DApp blockchain space in the industry. An ardent supporter of the Tron Foundation, Misha Lederman have shared a tweet that listed down the achievement made by Tron Foundation and concluded that Troon Foundation, Tron DApps seems to be dominating the industry where seven out of top-10 most used Daps were Tron-powered.

Liverpool FC Refuse Partnership With Tron

Football club Liverpool FC has rebuffed the reports about its partnership with blockchain startup Tron. The Tron CEO in his Tweet earlier hinted about its association with Liverpool, however The Liverpool spokesman said that, “We do regularly engage with lots of companies to better understand their business and we have extended an invitation to Tron — along with many others. To be clear, no discussions have taken place.”

TRX Users Can Utilize Crypto for Hotel Bookings

TRX Users Can Utilize Crypto for Hotel Bookings

An online travel platform has shared that they have added Tron Token (TRX) in their platform which allows the users to use TRX as a payment method. Travala said, “Use TRX to book 550,000+ hotels worldwide with an average saving of 15% on get further savings up to 10% off the already amazing prices with our SMART program…”

Tron Shares Sun Network Expansion Plan

Tron Shares Sun Network Expansion Plan

A blockchain company, Tron have shared their plan to expand its network protocol, SUN in their recent blog post. The CEO of Tron, Justin Sun then commented regarding their possibilities to partner with Ethereum, “I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better.”